Weatherproof Line Voltage Thermostats Protect Water from Freezing

Weatherproof line voltage thermostats in freeze settingsOur NEMA 4X weatherproof line voltage thermostats are commonly found in outdoor settings such as de-icers! The thermostat controller measures air temperature to turn on a de-icer when the temperature falls below a set point (0°F-80°F), which keeps the water moving to prevent it from becoming a solid.



Simply plug the power cord from the controller to a grounded 120V outlet, set the temperature you wish the de-icer to come on using the dial, and plug the de-icer into the controllers piggyback plug. When the ambient air temperature falls to the desired set point the thermostat turns the de-icer on. When temperature rises +3° above the set point, the thermostat will automatically turn the de-icer off. De-icer manufacturers recommend setting the dial at 30°F to kick on the equipment when air temperature is below freezing.

De-icers move warm water from the bottom of a pond, lake, etc. creating an ice-free space around boats, docks or other water. In addition to protecting personal property, the thermostat helps protect fish and other aquatic animals. For more information about de-icers, check out a video here!

Portable PreWired Thermostat

Line voltage thermostats uses a liquid-filled sensing element and capillary. There is an exposed or concealed set point dial with adjustable differential, and it will switch line voltages.

K-Kontrols offers both a single stage, heating or cooling, temperature control and a two stage. The two stage line voltage thermostat has two single pole, double throw switches that uses a liquid filled sensing element and capillary.

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