Variable Fan Speed Control in Greenhouses

Fan Speed Control Automates Greenhouses

Proper ventilation of a greenhouse provides fresh air to plants and cooling. If ventilation isn’t put into place, the greenhouse becomes a furnace from storing heat from the sun. By putting a ventilation system into a greenhouse, you are able to blow out hot air and bring in cool air. Using a variable fan speed control automates a ventilation system preventing heat loss in the colder months for a consistent temperature inside the greenhouse for healthier plant growth.

The K-Kontrol variable fan speed control lets you manually adjust the fan speed from 30% to 100% of output capacity, and turns fans on and off. Because the controller comes in a weather proof enclosure, it is ideal for outdoor environments, but also functions indoors.

Our weatherproof fan control is great for direct control of 120v fans/ventilators. Works great on ceiling fans with the ability to control 3-5 fans depending on ratings. The fan control is commonly used in the winter when less ventilation is required and too much cold air flow can harm greenhouses.

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