Prewired Line Voltage Thermostat

Our portable prewired line voltage thermostat is great for direct control of heaters, fans, air conditioners and more. Great for both heating and cooling applications. They are as simple as plugging the thermostat into a standard wall socket (110/120 volt outlet). Then, plug any 110/120 volt appliance (heating or cooling) into the outlet on the plug of the thermostat. Set your desired temperature to turn the appliance on!

These thermostat controllers are commonly found in barns, greenhouses, garages, vacation homes, construction sites, RV’s, basements, computer rooms and more. They aren’t effected by surges, lightning strikes or power outages like a digital thermostat. It can be used anywhere you have a 120 volt outlet as the clear cover protects from weather and damage.

  • Wide temperature range: 30° to 110° F
  • Fixed 3 degree differential
  • Plug-N-Play, no wiring needed (16 amp/120v max)
  • 8 foot cord with a special piggyback plug
  • Easy change from heating to cooling mode – just move one wire!
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Made in USA

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