Line Voltage Greenhouse Thermostat

Automate your greenhouse heating and cooling systems with our quality line voltage greenhouse thermostat controllers including both  wired and plug-in thermostats.

During the cold winter months it can be a struggle to maintain temperatures in  your greenhouse or growing structure.  Using our durable manual thermostat controllers, installation and execution to regulate warmth is simple!

The manual thermostat controllers make it easy for you to control the temperature to match your greenhouse needs if you’re choosing to use an electric heater.

Additionally the thermostat has an automatic shutoff to prevent overheating to keep your plants protected from cold and hot temperatures! By adding an electric heater with a thermostat controller, you can enjoy growing all year long!

Selecting the right line voltage greenhouse thermostat, locating it to sense plant temperature, and maintaining the thermostat can save considerable fuel and electricity.

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