Fan Controls

K-Kontrols offers both line voltage fan controls and a pre-wired portable solution. The line voltage fan control has the ability of controlling 3-5 fans depending on the equipment’s rating. Our portable fan control is great for direct control of 120v fans/ventilators.

The fan control lets you adjust fan speed for exhaust and circulation fans from 30% to 100% of output capacity – shaded pole , P.S.C. , and universal. It also provides the ability of turning a fan on and off. The controller comes in a weatherproof and corrosion proof, polycarbonate thermoplastic enclosure.

Has standard 7/8 opening and we recommend using our strain relief cord connector that can be purchased here.

  • Fan speed range: 30% to 100% – great for direct control of 120V fans/ventilators.
  • Can handle 5 full load amps @120V
  • For use with variable speed fans
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Wiring required – Simply install on 1 wire leading to fan.
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Made in USA

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