Portable Line Voltage Thermostat

The piggyback plug, also known as the switch plug, provides the opportunity to put in a condition for whatever you’re plugging in to switch power. This can include conditions relating to timers, level alarms, or a foot switch. These plugs are able to be used for both home, office, and industrial uses. Us at K-Kontrol use piggyback plugs for several of our portable line voltage thermostats. There are three different varieties of portable line voltage thermostats piggyback plugs available for purchase online. Click here to learn more!

Certain K-Kontrol thermostats are supplied with a cord and series plug for easy connection to a 120V AC grounded receptacle. Hang the portable line voltage thermostat near a 1 20V three prong receptacle with a ground pin using the hanging wire included in the package. Plug the male prongs into the receptacle and then plug the controlled equipment into the female part of the plug. If an extension cord is required use only one with a grounded 3 prong plug and 14 gage wire.

These thermostats have a variety of different applications available, such as for greenhouses, chicken coops, barns, and more! With the piggyback plug, you can ensure these applications stay at the proper temperature to keep everything healthy and safe.



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Original equipment manufacturers & agricultural communities worldwide use temperature controls designed & manufactured by K-Kontrols. Our temperature controls are great for barns, greenhouses, livestock buildings, garages, vacation homes, construction sites & more.

Custom Options

Variety of custom options available such as temperature ranges, sensing element lengths & private branding.


K-Kontrols meet NEMA 4X, UL, cUL & NEC 457 Ag-ratings.

High Quality

We take pride in quality control & reliable operation of our components. Every switch is individually tested before it leaves the plant.

Made in the U.S.A.

Products are designed, manufactured, tested & shipped from our facilities in Eau Claire, WI to clients across the globe.