Portable Line Voltage Thermostats Piggyback Plug

Certain K-Kontrol thermostats are supplied with a cord and series plug for easy connection to a 120V AC grounded receptacle. Hang the portable line voltage thermostat near a 1 20V three prong receptacle with aPortable Line Voltage Thermostat  ground pin using the hanging wire included in the package. Plug the male prongs into the receptacle and then plug the controlled equipment into the female part of the plug. If an extension cord is required use only one with a grounded 3 prong plug and 14 gage wire.

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K-Kontrol Portable Line Voltage Thermostat 

Portable Line Voltage Thermostat

The K-Kontrol portable line voltage thermostat creates an easy plug-and-play solution. This allows consumers to easily plug in their unit in a breeze, versus having to wire the unit in by hand. Another benefit of the plug and play feature is it makes the unit portable, as you can unplug, relocate and plug in elsewhere very quickly!These thermostat controllers are commonly found in barns, greenhouses, garages, vacation homes, construction sites, RV’s, basements, computer rooms and more. They aren’t effected by surges, lightning strikes or power outages like a digital thermostat. It can be used anywhere you have a 120 volt outlet as the clear cover protects from weather and damage.

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