Plant Nursery Temperature Regulation


Plant nursery temperature regulation is key in order for the plants to grow and thrive. Our K-Kontrol thermostats can accurately regulate the temperature in your plant nurseries.

Start regulating your temperature with ease! Purchase our K-Kontrol Line Voltage Thermostat. 

A plant nursery is defined as “A nursery is a place where plants are Plant Nursery Temperature Regulation propagated and grown to a desired size. Mostly the plants concerned are for gardening, forestry or conservation biology, rather than agriculture. They include retail nurseries, which sell to the general public, wholesale nurseries, which sell only to businesses such as other nurseries and to commercial gardeners, and private nurseries, which supply the needs of institutions or private estates. Some will also work in plant breeding.”

These nurseries house growing plants, which need to be in a temperature-maintained environment in order to grow and thrive properly. Our K-Kontrol Line Voltage Thermostats are capable of maintaining the temperature in the nursery to whatever you’d like it kept at. The thermostat gets wired in to your fan, ventilation or air conditioner equipment inside the nursery, set to your desired interior temperature between 30° F and 110° F, and your greenhouse will have a properly maintained temperature from then on.

Line Voltage Thermostat For Plant Nursery Temperature RegulationKJ16110 Weatherproof Line Voltage Greenhouse Thermostat

Our weatherproof line voltage/Greenhouse thermostat is great for direct control of heaters, fans, air conditioners, ventilation equipment and more. Great for both heating and cooling. Excellent for use in greenhouses and plant nurseries. These thermostats are not affected by surges and lightning strikes or power outages like a digital thermostat. A graduated temperature control unit that can be used anywhere. Clear cover protects from weather and damage. Weatherproof and corrosion proof with all polycarbonate thermoplastic construction and stainless-steel capillary sensor. These thermostats are also UL listed and made in the USA!

Purchase our K-Kontrol Line Voltage Thermostat today!

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