Outdoor heaterAs winter sets in, the need for warmth and comfort in outdoor spaces becomes paramount, especially for those overseeing livestock or tending to greenhouse plants. Outdoor heaters provide practical solutions for maintaining ideal conditions, enabling individuals to make the most of outdoor areas even in chilly temperatures. Discover how K-Kontrols Portable Freeze Protection Thermostats offer a practical solution for precise temperature control in outdoor settings. To purchase an outdoor heater temperature control, click here.

Efficient Outdoor Heater Temperature Control

K-Kontrols Portable Freeze Protection Thermostats provide precise temperature regulation, allowing users to customize settings within a broad range of 0°F to 80°F with remarkable accuracy. This level of control ensures that outdoor spaces maintain ideal conditions tailored to specific needs. Installation is straightforward – simply connect the thermostat to your outdoor heater and set your desired temperature. The thermostat’s intuitive design automatically adjusts heat output to maintain consistent warmth, adapting seamlessly to fluctuations in external conditions.

Enhanced Outdoor Experience

By integrating K-Kontrols Portable Freeze Protection Thermostats into outdoor heating systems, individuals can enhance the comfort and usability of their outdoor spaces throughout the winter season. Whether managing livestock, nurturing greenhouse plants, or hosting gatherings on patios, these thermostats provide reliable temperature control to support various activities. Say farewell to the inconvenience of constantly monitoring temperatures and welcome uninterrupted enjoyment of outdoor environments.

Winter comfort takes on a new meaning with K-Kontrols Portable Freeze Protection Thermostats, offering solutions for temperature control in outdoor settings. With precise regulation and user-friendly operation, these thermostats ensure that outdoor spaces remain comfortable and functional year-round. Upgrade outdoor heating systems today and embrace the warmth and convenience.

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Original equipment manufacturers & agricultural communities worldwide use temperature controls designed & manufactured by K-Kontrols. Our temperature controls are great for barns, greenhouses, livestock buildings, garages, vacation homes, construction sites & more.

Custom Options

Variety of custom options available such as temperature ranges, sensing element lengths & private branding.


K-Kontrols meet NEMA 4X, UL, cUL & NEC 457 Ag-ratings.

High Quality

We take pride in quality control & reliable operation of our components. Every switch is individually tested before it leaves the plant.

Made in the U.S.A.

Products are designed, manufactured, tested & shipped from our facilities in Eau Claire, WI to clients across the globe.