K-Kontrol Thermostat Controls Wood Burning Stove

Wood burning stoves can be both economically and aesthetically pleasing, when used right. Whether you’re looking for the functionality of heating your home, or you just find a warm, cozy fire to be appealing, wood burning stoves have been popular for a long time. To use your wood burning stove to it’s full potential though, you’ll want to install a line voltage thermostat. Wood burning stoveThe thermostat will allow you to set the temperature you wish the vent to supply air to the fire inside the stove, in turn building the fire and increasing the heat output. Alternatively, it will also sense when a high enough temperature has been reached for heating your home, etc, and will shut the vents, stifling the fire and decreasing the heat output. This in turn will save you both money and time stocking your fire regularly.

Our KJ16110-A weatherproof line voltage thermostat is great for direct control of heaters, fans, air conditioners, ventilation equipment and more. Great for both heating and cooling applications commonly found in greenhouses and other agricultural settings. These thermostats are not affected by surges and lightning strikes or power outages like a digital thermostat. KJ16110-AA graduated temperature control unit that can be used anywhere. Clear cover protects from weather and damage. Weatherproof and corrosion proof with all polycarbonate thermoplastic construction and stainless-steel capillary sensor. Capillary controlled component gives accurate ± 2° accuracy.

K-Kontrol’s line voltage thermostat is the perfect product addition for your wood burning stove. Simply wire to your stove’s ventilation system, set to the desired temperature, and your wood burning stove will be controlled. Our KJ16110-A line voltage thermostat has a temperature range of 30°F to 100°F, with a 2+/-° accuracy and 3° differential. Additionally, K-Kontrol is a USA made and stocked product!

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