greenhouse thermostatGreenhouses are a wonderful asset for any gardening enthusiast or commercial grower, but maintaining the ideal temperature throughout the seasons can be challenging. Automate your greenhouse heating and cooling with our range of high-quality manual thermostat controllers, including both wired and plug-in models. To purchase, click here.

Simplify Winter Warming with Reliable Thermostat Controllers

The colder months often pose a significant challenge in keeping your greenhouse or growing structure at optimal temperatures. Our manual thermostat controllers are designed to simplify this process. Easy to install and use, these devices allow you to precisely control the temperature to meet your specific greenhouse needs, especially if you’re using an electric heater. Each thermostat includes an automatic shutoff feature to prevent overheating, ensuring your plants are protected from extreme temperatures. With the addition of an electric heater equipped with one of our thermostat controllers, you can enjoy year-round growing, regardless of the weather outside.

Choosing and Setting Up the Right Thermostat

When selecting a thermostat for your greenhouse, ensure it is equipped for the humid, dusty conditions often found in such environments. Features to look for include:

  • Moisture and dust-tight enclosures
  • A capillary tube filled with a liquid or gas that expands to activate the switch

Portable PreWired Thermostat

Ideal Thermostat Placement

Proper installation is crucial for effective thermostat operation. The thermostat should be positioned where it can accurately sense the air temperature around your plants. Optimal locations include:

  • At plant height near the center of the greenhouse
  • Mounted on an end wall or sidewall, away from direct heat sources
  • Shielded from direct sunlight to prevent false readings
Simple Setup Instructions

Setting up your thermostat is  pretty straightforward:

With a Piggyback Plug: Plug the heater’s power cord into the thermostat, then set the dial to the desired temperature (e.g., 60°F). The thermostat will automatically shut off the heater once the temperature rises by 3°F.
Without a Piggyback Plug:  Wire the thermostat directly to the heater and adjust as above.

For detailed instructions, click here to view the complete manual.

Maintaining Your Thermostat

To ensure accuracy and efficiency, it’s important to regularly check and maintain your thermostat:

  1. Clean the sensor using compressed air, and gently wipe away any remaining dirt.
  2. Test the thermostat by setting it below room temperature, then slowly increase the setting until it activates.
  3. Compare the activation temperature against a reliable thermometer. If discrepancies are found, note them for adjustment during your next service appointment.
Maximize Benefits and Slash Energy Costs

By adding a K-Kontrol thermostats into your greenhouse management system, you not only maintain optimal growing conditions but also reduce energy costs. Our thermostats are designed to provide precise temperature control, minimizing the need for frequent adjustments and reducing the overall energy consumption of your heating and cooling systems. For a visual guide on how to effectively use and benefit from our thermostats, watch the video below.

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Original equipment manufacturers & agricultural communities worldwide use temperature controls designed & manufactured by K-Kontrols. Our temperature controls are great for barns, greenhouses, livestock buildings, garages, vacation homes, construction sites & more.

Custom Options

Variety of custom options available such as temperature ranges, sensing element lengths & private branding.


K-Kontrols meet NEMA 4X, UL, cUL & NEC 457 Ag-ratings.

High Quality

We take pride in quality control & reliable operation of our components. Every switch is individually tested before it leaves the plant.

Made in the U.S.A.

Products are designed, manufactured, tested & shipped from our facilities in Eau Claire, WI to clients across the globe.