Plant Nursery Temperature Control

Proper ventilation of a greenhouse needs to provide fresh air to plants and cooling. If proper ventilation isn’t put in place, the greenhouse becomes a furnace from storing heat from the sun. By putting a ventilation system into a greenhouse, you are able to blow out hot air and bring in cool air. To view our complete line of line voltage thermostats, click here.

With a NEMA4X Variable Greenhouse Fan Controller, you can automate a ventilation system to prevent heat loss in colder months for healthier plant growth. With a NEMA4X, you are not only guaranteed to have it work in just about any temperature, but it will also are waterproof and weatherproof. Through the use of a NEMA4X variable fan, you are sure to gain the ventilation necessary to keep your greenhouse cool.

Our weatherproof fan control is great for direct control of 120v fans/ventilators. They work great on ceiling fans with the ability to control 3-5 fans at a time depending on ratings. The use of fan control are also commonly used in the winter when less ventilation is required and too much cold air flow can harm greenhouses.


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Original equipment manufacturers & agricultural communities worldwide use temperature controls designed & manufactured by K-Kontrols. Our temperature controls are great for barns, greenhouses, livestock buildings, garages, vacation homes, construction sites & more.

Custom Options

Variety of custom options available such as temperature ranges, sensing element lengths & private branding.


K-Kontrols meet NEMA 4X, UL, cUL & NEC 457 Ag-ratings.

High Quality

We take pride in quality control & reliable operation of our components. Every switch is individually tested before it leaves the plant.

Made in the U.S.A.

Products are designed, manufactured, tested & shipped from our facilities in Eau Claire, WI to clients across the globe.