K-Kontrol Line Voltage Thermostats are invaluable tools in modern agricultural settings, offering precise & reliable temperature control for various applications. Designed to regulate heating & cooling systems that operate at line voltage levels, these thermostats are well-suited for controlling heaters, fans, ventilation systems, & other environmental equipment in agricultural facilities.

Common applications include: greenhouses, barns, aquaponics, hydroponics, crop storage facilities & livestock enclosures. For more information on how K-Kontrol Line Voltage Thermostats can be used in agricultural settings, click one of the articles below. 

custom options

Variety of custom options available such as temperature ranges, sensing element lengths & private branding.

high quality

We take pride in quality control & reliable operation of our components. Every switch is individually tested before it leaves the plant.


K-Kontrols meet NEMA 4X, UL, cUL & NEC 547 Ag-ratings.

made in usa

Products are designed, manufactured, tested & shipped from our facilities in Eau Claire, WI to clients across the globe.


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